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Over the Ridge

The Blue Ridge that is.  Last week we took a mini-vacay to Asheville.  The best part?  Daddy went with us!

All summer the girls and I have been swimming and hiking and biking and camping and beaching and water parking without daddy.

Obviously I’m crazy.

Because it is SO MUCH EASIER to have another set of hands!  Especially one that helped make them so I don’t feel any guilt about letting him handle tantrums or bad directions or dirty diapers.

Thank you, Lord, I don’t have to do this motherhood thing alone.  And thank you that Joshua has two weeks worth of vacation at his new job, so we got to have this past weekend + two more days AND he’s off for the first day of school on Friday so we can start another baby in kindergarten.

Here’s some of my favorite moments from our trip
(because I know the pictures are all you care about anyway)

For more visual reminders that I have three drama queens and a sweet husband, you can check our our album online.  Love that Picasa.
Asheville Trip Aug. 2011

4 thoughts on “Over the Ridge

  1. love your biltmore family photo 🙂 and of course the one of amelia sacked out. she & sam were obviously equally impressed with all that history. and of course, the one of your girls holding hands.

    soooo glad you guys had a great trip and a chance to get away before school begins. can't believe annabelle is starting kindergarten!!


  2. My sweet Milly Moo is so big and hair so long! I'm a horrible aunt for not coming to see them more! 😦

    <3 Auntie Calley


  3. Your blog hits a special place in my heart this week. I spent my honeymoon at the Biltmore…and faced motherhood alone when my husband died when I was pregnant. We take so much for granted. I am so glad to see you pause to be thankful not to face motherhood alone and see your family build memories at such a beautiful place! What a wonderful family you have! Never pass up the chance to build a memory!



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