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What Thanksgiving Looks Like….

….when it’s gluton-free.

I figure today was a perfect day for a Thanksgiving post even though I’m as ready to decorate a tree as anyone.  It’s still good to remember the specialness of a day for thanks-giving and a day we got to spend reconnecting with some family.

Leg #2 of our 1500 mile journey last week took us to Catawba, Virginia, which is about 45 min north of Blacksburg.   We stayed with Joshua’s brother and sister-in-law, who due to Catie’s allergies, are organic-y non-gluton folks.  Luckily, they made a few exceptions for us and still managed to stay within Catie’s best health.

So here’s a gluton-free Thanksgiving, Brackett style.

That’s right….macaroni and cheese (with broccoli), pumpkin pie, a big stuffed turkey (Catie is one of those Yankee people who do stuffing instead of dressing but we love her anyway), a heavy-laden table, and some tired folks on the day after.

Happy Thanksgiving because it’s never too late for that.

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