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1500 Thankful Miles

By the time we rolled into our driveway at way past kids’ bedtime on a school night yesterday, I was a little over being in the car.  And a lot stunned by the almost 1500 miles we logged on a circuitous trip for a short vacation, a little family, a big Thanksgiving, and a glimpse of Christmas.  It was such an eventful (and yet not so much) trip, that I’ll have to blog about it in little bits.

And for the record, I didn’t miss having cell phone coverage as much as I missed being able to blog.  I know I could have written in my journal but that makes my hand cramp and sometimes I’m a whiny baby like that.  So if Santa wants to drop a laptop off at my front door this Christmas so I can stay caught up in blogsphere at all times, that would be great.

First leg of our journey was an incredibly long ride all the way up to Shenandoah Valley….

for some horseback riding…

and some ice skating…

some really good gelato in Charlottesville…

and a fun playground.  Sure we drove almost 700 miles for a playground.

If you had this face grinning at you all the time, wouldn’t you give in?

Tomorrow I’ll bring you route two of our journey and some tips on how to have a fabulous gluton-free Thanksgiving.  Here’s a little preview.

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