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Hoping It Was Merry

We had a very merry Christmas.  Lots of toys that the girls had really been wanting, lots of new clothes for my Millie who has been in hand-me-downs since September, lots of food I’m still eating but need to quit.

But I’ve got a little after Christmas expectation let-down going on.  As usual there was lots of family drama-rama that’s sure to continue into the New Year and even though it’s silly, I always believe we’ll put it all aside for Christmas.


Maybe next year?

Drama aside, we did have a good time with lots of family this year and I was so excited to have lots of folks over after church on Sunday for Christmas brunch.  Madelynne was baptized Christmas Day and that made it extra special.

But now everyone’s migrating back to their groove and surrounded by piles of need-to-recycle toy boxes and Christmas dishes that need to be packed and bills that were ignored a few too many times.

I miss the expectation, the anticipation, the waiting just a bit.

But as the New Year approaches, I am wondering in my heart how I can go about making everyday special, everyday a bit of the joyful of Christmas.

And I think the secret lies in the everyday.  The delight of having another chance everyday to praise, to glory, to savor.

I hope your Christmas was delightful and you’re looking forward to much joy this coming year.

One thought on “Hoping It Was Merry

  1. My Christmas went by far too quickly. My parents are headed home tomorrow, and it's bittersweet, this end of the holidays. (Although technically, we still have seven days of Christmas left before Epiphany!)

    So glad you all had a good Christmas. Loved the pictures, as always. The girls are so beautiful. 🙂 And an American Girl doll for Annabelle! I guess it was the year for that. I know at least two other little girls who got AG dolls. 🙂 All the food looks fantastic. You should post recipes (especially for the cinnamon rolls!). 🙂

    Blessings to you, Joshua and the girls in the coming New Year and always!


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