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Savoring in 2012

I rocked my baby today
all heavy arms and warm body
tucked in close to mine.
Usually she just asks for her bed
and climbs in and there’s no snuggles with mommy
but today she wanted me to hold her
and kiss those sweet curls 
that topple all down her 
almost two year old head.
She won’t be the baby much longer
and she won’t want to rock
for many more afternoons.
But today we savored.
Each other.
The quiet.
The wind in the trees outside her window
and the warmth of soft blankets and 
old glider rockers.
is my resolution
my only commitment
for this New Year.
The chance to revel in every moment
every full plate
and torn pair of jeans
small blessing in disguise.

2 thoughts on “Savoring in 2012

  1. what a great word for the new year. a word that will not disappoint! enjoy savoring those sweet moments with your little ones, even the “big” little ones.


  2. i secretly love that about once a week Sam will request to “rock rock” at naptime or again after we've gotten up from the chair after bedtime story and prayer. it's a sweet moment that i know is fleeting and will savor as long as i can.


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