My Rainy Miscellany Monday

Writing random is the best therapy for when I can’t think of a single idea to make cohesive.
Linking up with lovely Carissa who had sunshine this weekend.  No fair.
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
 I’m not sure what happened to my good napper.  Suddenly instead of 2+ hour naps in her crib, we’re lucky to get a bit over an hour in the toddler bed.  At least she’s in the bed, and then she gets herself out when she wakes up, and she plays and makes a mess of her room and I have to pick up books and teasets constantly.  Which I wouldn’t mind if I’d had time to shower before she woke up.

I planned our whole menu this week from stockpile and freezer.  Pretty proud of that.  So even though I’ll visit the store for a few sale items and a couple of essentials, like butter, I don’t HAVE to.  And that’s a wonderful feeling.
Do you want to know what we’re having?  Do you care?
Monday–Pork Chops, Fried Potatoes, vegetable (still undecided there)
Tuesday–Stroganoffish Dish 
(gr. beef, peas, mushrooms, cream sauce, extra macaroni noodles because I made too many on Sunday)
Wednesday–Church Supper because I’m helping serve.
Thursday–Breakfast.  Probably blueberry pancakes. Or maybe burritos.
Friday–leftovers (if any) or homemade pizza (if not)
I think I’m going to have to break down and institute a “no tv after school” rule.  Mainly because we don’t have cable anymore, so they fight over what to choose off Netflix.  I’m not a fan of the fighting or the zombie like state.  Although it does mean I can catch up on blogging if I didn’t have time earlier in the day.
I love Groupon.  We’re going to Asheville for the weekend, well just overnight, and I found a great deal on a voucher for a cute little tearoom with Sunday brunch which will cost us less than half of what we can’t afford to spend on Sunday brunch at Biltmore.  
This rain is making me foggy.  Last year we were buried in snow, but this year I guess we’ll just get washed away.
I made a 32 by 32 list of ways I need to get organized in the next month before we host folks for mine and Amelia’s birthdays.  I should probably go clean out my closet and make some headway.
Blessings to you today!

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