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Inspired by Julia, I’m linking up with Amanda today.  
Well, and I haven’t blogged in a week and my scattery pregnant brain that tried to make coffee
without water this morning is having trouble focusing.
I like linkys that give me a focus.
and a list.  
I like those too.
So, lately I’ve been enjoying many random things…
Like my new cookbook.
I’ve blogged a bit about some of the recipes I’ve made, but let’s just say, it’s been great to use whole wheat flour in pizza dough and waffles and not have my kids or my husband complain.  And we cannot wait for our garden this summer to really use this baby.

On that same note, I’ve really been enjoying this blog lately.  I like the simplicity and the motto and the reminder that living simply can also mean that you eat really well.  Today’s post is on my menu for next week.

The lovely Biltmore Estate
We visited this weekend to take advantage of our passholder appreciation discounts
and to take a behind-the-rooms tour.
Unfortunately, this baby didn’t want to climb six flights of stairs and I had to quit.
Oh, well.  Guess we’ll have to go back.
And I’ll have to post on how to enjoy Biltmore with little ones because my girls love it.

Getting Organized
I’m trying, really I am. I have a list of 32 things I want to get done before my 32nd birthday in February.
So far, I’ve done six of them.  For some reason, though, I keep finding more things to add to the list which seems kind of counter-productive don’t you think?

My Family Notebook

We made these at MOPS this past week and I’m using it.  Really, I am.  and I’m going to.
I just have to remember it’s there.  Today I made a list of the little chores (dishes, laundry) I want
done daily.  And I did them.  Yay, me.  But then I ate lunch and now there are dishes in the sink again.

Family Pizza Night

I started making homemade pizza several months ago and now I’m addicted.
What are your favorite toppings beyond the usual?  I made chicken and spinich last week, sausage and green peppers this week.  Joshua said I should take the picture after I put the cheese on but I thought the peppers were pretty.

Food.  Recipes.  Cookbooks.
I think I might have an obsession.  I have decided to embrace the fact that I’m not crafty.
But I can cook pretty decently and I really like that.
So I think I’m trading in my modpodge
for a spatula that spreads icing.
But will my freezer ever look like this?  Probably not.

(trying to) Live Simply
I made my own laundry detergent.
and I’m not buying napkins until I can get them for (almost) free, so cloth will have to do.
After all, I have a 5-gallon drum of laundry detergent to use.

I wish I was enjoying my laptop.
Joshua bought me a used ibook off craigslist for Christmas.
I can’t get it to connect to our wireless.  It tells me the password is wrong. It’s not.
Apparently we have a WPA and it needs a WEP?
I don’t even know what I’m talking about here.  Help, please.

Planning a Nursery
It’s taken me a while to get used to the idea that soon there will be another one.
and this one isn’t a girl.
We finally agreed on what to do about a nursery and Amelia will be relocating to our office and sharing this larger-ish space with baby brother when he relocates from the pack-n-play in my bedroom.
So we’ve got months to work on this idea.
Thank goodness for Pinterest.

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