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today’s monday again

amelia and kayden have emptied the toybox and put all the stuffed animals to sleep all over the house~there are dishes in the sink and too many loads of laundry for a monday~i still need to clean out the dress up trunk that’s been repurposed and figure out how the girls’ old dresser is going to fit in the nursery~in amelia’s room really because we don’t have a nursery~baby gus is getting a cradle in my room and a closet full of clothes~and diapers and wipes and personalized items from special friends
now there’s chalk dust all over my clean carpets~we ate at Zaxby’s last night because daddy is gone and i didn’t want to clean the kitchen again~as soon as we got home amelia dumped a glass of lemonade all over the floor~annabelle cleaned it up because she loves the swiffer with a wet cloth~amelia has started counting 1-2-3 and it’s the cutest thing~she also consented for the first time this weekend that gus was coming to live with us~hopefully he is coming soon~i’ve been crying uncontrollably for days because once i start i can’t stop~sometimes there’s a reason but usually not~i think i’m just overwhelmed with the idea that it’s almost over~too many mixed emotions for a monday~the garden has tiny green shoots of carrots and crisp lettuce leaves and maybe the frost didn’t kill all the tomatoes~we watered it from the girls’ kiddie pool today which makes me feel good about reuse of resources~over and over He reminds me that i am not in control~that messy is okay~that small is cozy~that love is unconditional~that kids aren’t perfect and neither am i~and now it’s naptime.
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5 thoughts on “today’s monday again

  1. so feeling this. i must have picked up the blocks a hundred times over this last weekend while my husband was out of town and i got to be the 'at home' parent for four days. i forgot how tiring picking up hot wheels cars all. day. long. can be! love the 'small is cozy' so true, i feel agitated sometimes at our small house and try to remember what a blessing it is. thanks for this!


  2. Sometimes days being a momma & wife can be overwhelming. When your pregnant they can be even more overwhelming. You just gotta roll with the punches!!!!

    Have a nice week dear friend 🙂


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