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Top 10: What I Do All Day

I’m a little bit already on a blog hiatus.  It’s because when I sit up, like in this computer chair, this baby protests.  He protests lying down, too, but he tolerates it more between the hours of 1 and 3 p.m. than he does between 1 and 3 a.m., so I’ve been doing a lot more napping.  But I’ve got a few posts tucked in my head for moments I want to remember before I’m a mother of four and one of them is this Top 10.

Awhile back, I wrote about my “done list”.  It’s much better than a “to-do” list because it’s a list of all I’ve actually accomplished in that day and makes me feel a little more justified about being home with my toddler (the fact that I think I need justification is a whole other post I’ve got rolling around and will get to at some point).  Often, my husband will ask, “What did you and Amelia do today?”  Never in a sarcastic way that implies he can’t believe the house is a wreck and dinner’s not ready, but in a curious, he’d really like to know kind of way.  So here’s a bit of insight into my daily grind with one.  I’m sure there will be an addendum to this once I’m home with toddler, newborn, and big sisters on summer vacation.

I try to keep the house neat and organized.

See how she’s sorting books?
When I can’t keep up with #1, I bring in reinforcements.
i.e. We babysit for our friends in exchange for free labor.
Two year olds are excellent at dusting with the baby wipes they pull out by the handful.

I plan a lot of meals that appeal to my family.
Like chocolate.

And homemade pizza.

I clip coupons and plan grocery trips that require bribery with suckers.
I appraise a lot of really fine art.

I enforce rules.
Such as “no eating off the floor because I’d rather clean the couch.”

I make incredible Food Network worthy lunches.
Then I coerce picky toddlers into eating.
I referee these three hoodlums.
I listen to great stories about school.
As in, who moved their card (not Annabelle)
the “copper” snake on the playground
and why lunch was no good today.
As CEO of a small, but productive, company, I revel everyday in the fact that this is my personal assistant.

Is she ready to take on more job responsibility as a big sister?
I sure hope so!

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One thought on “Top 10: What I Do All Day

  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!
    I told my hubby the other day I was going to document my whole entire day just to see where my time went. Days filled with kids are definitely busy days 🙂


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