5 Minute Friday: Proud Mama {Opportunity}

I thought I could find five minutes a few days ago.  No, I couldn’t.  But I’m making them today even though the baby is stirring and the bigger baby has a fever and there are clothes to fold and sticky floors and toilet tissue scattered all over my bathroom.

Just five minutes to write about being a proud mama.

And an embarrassed fatigued strung out on sleep deprivation mama.

Who made it to Honors Day anyway with baby Gus in the Bjorn and Amelia in the stroller.  Armed with snacks and suckers and books and the magna doodle.

I was proud.  Proud of myself for doing it by myself.  Until Amelia dumped all the goldfish out all over her stroller and on the gym floor.  Which is carpeted.  You can imagine the mess, I’m sure.

But I was still proud of my second baby girl with her music award and her sweet smiling kindergarten class and her dear teacher who will graduate her own baby next week.  Her baby who ran with me the first year I coached cross country.

What goes around.

We had to go home between ceremonies.  Back again for Madelynne’s.

This time Amelia choked on the sucker I gave her to keep her quiet.


Still proud.  Still tears springing to my eyes when she got the Art Award (her favorite class!) and a reading achievement award and Perfect Attendance.

In the craziness of this year, she was there everyday.

Yes, I was proud.

6 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday: Proud Mama {Opportunity}

  1. this is awesome, Lindsey. 🙂 You are super-mom: getting to the awards night WITH a toddler and an infant in tow!! Way to go. High five. You're fantastic, and a great mom besides. 🙂


  2. The balancing and juggling are challenging but oh those big joy moments like this one. Congrats to her and to you and the goldfish will be just fine. Came over from Lisa Jo's. Thanks for sharing your joy. Its contagious. Great post on opportunity


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