Dear Gus {one month}

Dear Gus,

Today you are one month old.  Somehow we’ve survived the first four weeks of sleep deprivation, shrieks that mean your tummy hurts, sissy monster torture, mommy’s baby blues, more diapers than I even want to count, dozens of loads of laundry, and the end of our fabulous MealTrain.

You’re crying in your bouncy seat as I write this because I’m not holding you and spending endless hours watching old movies and episodes of Glee.

You like music.  Must have been the jazzercise.

You hate loud noises and people in your face.  Must be the Amelia.

She loves you a lot.  Enough to come running everytime you cry to ask, “Gush-Gush need his paci?”

You never want it. She can’t understand because she’s completely addicted to hers.  Will you help me break her of it before she starts kindergarten?

Your other sissies love you lots too.  Annabelle keeps track of how many times she’s held you and challenges others to see if they’ve beat her record.  Guess what?  Mommy wins.

Madelynne may seem a bit indifferent, but she’s still trying to adjust to being the biggest most responsible sister. She’ll get there.

For only one month, you’ve already experienced a lot.  We took you to church before you were a week old so you could hear Madelynne’s solo, and you’ve been to MOPS, the grocery store, the doctor’s office, the Tinsleys, Aunt Katy’s soon-to-be old house, E-town, and Chic-Fil-A more times than any other baby in the county.

You have started waking up more and looking around with big, round eyes that aren’t losing their baby blue. Your brown seems to be coming in slowly and not intensely like your sisters.  Maybe you’re the only one destined for something else.

You haven’t lost any hair, and you’ve gained over two pounds.  I love your fat little cheeks and the creases in your legs and arms.

You’re perfect.

Except you’re not a great night-time sleeper.  I understand.  It’s too quiet and you figure it’s the only time you get mommy and daddy all to yourself without interference.

I love you.  I can’t believe how fast this month has gone.  I thought you would never get here…and now, I just want to savor these sweet moments.

And get some sleep.

Happy One Month baby Gus!

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