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Just Quiet {Five Minute Friday}

I’m no good with quiet.  I crave it, desire it, try so hard to find it in the naptime moments and the late night minutes and the afternoon car rides to the parent pick-up line.

But it eludes me because I’m not really in the chase.  I don’t really want the quiet.  I think I’m afraid that if I slow down and get quiet and listen, I might not like what I hear.

You’re too busy.
You’ve shifted your focus.
You’re escaping into someone else’s story so you don’t have to write your own.

Is any of this familiar?

When it’s too quiet, I look for something to occupy my mind. Doesn’t have to be noise, doesn’t have to be voices, just needs to be something–a new recipe, a novel, this blog, last night’s episode.  Anything to keep me from having to sit in complete silence and listen.

Really listen for His voice.

Because there was a wind and an earthquake and a fire, but He wasn’t in those.

He was in the quiet.

Writing for five minutes with Lisa-Jo is a goal I can live with.  And right now it’s quiet in my house though I do wish the baby would go back to sleep so I can take a shower.

3 thoughts on “Just Quiet {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Hi Lindsey
    Thank you soo… much. We oftentimes need to be reminded of this. I immediately thought of Mary and Martha and knew this girl is a real Martha. Why are we all so foolish at times??? Loving this linking up business at Lisa-Jo's. this is my first time and I am having a ball of a time. Thanks, dear one!
    Much love to you


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