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Where the Magic Happens

We’ve been fruit basket turnover for awhile.  Baby in our bedroom.  Amelia in with Annabelle and Madelynne into her own space.  Keep the office.  Lose the office.  Where would we put the computer?

Told him we should have bought a laptop when we got that back in 2009.

Antique armoire into our room.  IKEA shelves from the office to the kitchen.  Little desk where?  The corner unit only fits in a corner….

Finally took down the pack and play and set it up again in the nursery/office so I don’t have to change him on the floor or the sofa in the middle of the night.  Except he cries in the middle of the night when I change him,so I usually do it on the sofa or our bed to keep the girls from waking, but last night I had to just let him cry and move as quickly as possible in the dark to change pee pajamas. I’ll get to the sheet.  He’s still little enough to sleep on the other end.

Now maybe we’ll switch Gus and Madelynne because ultimately it makes more sense to have her in the room with the computer and printer we can’t move.  She doesn’t nap in the middle of the day and impede my coupon printing.

He’s not napping right now, though.  One hour right before Amelia came home from preschool was quite good enough, thank you very much.

Did I mention he can sit up now?  So I sit at the kitchen table with Joshua’s work laptop on days he doesn’t need it at work and I’m surrounded by dishes and groceries and projects and I can’t seem to focus.

Is this really art what I do?

Maybe not, but I have a masterpiece on the rug shaking a rattle and another one making enough noise to let me know she’s done sleeping.  Two more need to be picked up so I can hear about the nuances and minutia of elementary school and referee the squabbles and the snacks.  It’s good I don’t have a place of my own because I might be tempted to hide and I think I do too much of that already.

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