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Letting Go of My Next House {thankful thursday}

So if you’ve followed me for anytime at all, you’ve heard me refer to my tiny house.  This house, right here.

Don’t worry, that’s an old picture.  I don’t still have pumpkins in my yard.  I do, however, still have Christmas stuff on the porch.

For a few years now, I’ve really struggled with this house.  With the fact that it seems to have no living space and there’s only one shower and at some point all of my kids have had to share a room.

Whoa, epiphany.

I get those sometimes, like this morning, while I was brushing my teeth and Gus was unfolding the clean socks on my bed using his new top teeth.

Even if our house was bigger, I would still have four kids.  And guess what?  They would still have to share rooms because no house within our budget needs five bedrooms.

So I’m letting go of my “next house”.  I’ve been working on this for awhile.  Lately, we have people over more and I just let the kids make big messes that then we clean up.  We hang out in the kitchen or the living room or the dining room but it’s all the same room, so no one is ever left out or wondering what’s going on in that other room.  We leave dishes in the sink and shoes in the foyer and kids cut through my bedroom to the back deck and it’s all good.  It’s cozy and comfortable and chaotic.  But when the day comes that I can have that “next house”, it won’t be like this.

My kids will be bigger.  My friends won’t be just down the street or up the hill.

So this house might be little, but it’s got a foundation that’s solid.

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3 thoughts on “Letting Go of My Next House {thankful thursday}

  1. great post. great reminder. after my last “house” post, someone sent me a message on FB with the lyrics to a song called “little houses” by doug stone… i've never heard the song, and still haven't managed to listen to it- but the lyrics are perfect…
    “But you know love grows best in little houses,
    With fewer walls to separate,
    Where you eat and sleep so close together.
    You can't help but communicate,
    Oh, and if we had more room between us,
    think of all we'd miss.
    Love grows best, in houses just like this.”


  2. Beautiful post. Beautiful waiting and trusting in God. God will quide you and your family. Give him the chance. You'll see amazing things.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful evening,


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