Laying Down Those Best Laid Plans

I make a lot of plans.  I scribble lists and fill out calendars and try really hard to be organized.  I try.

Then the internet quits working or I leave my phone at home again or the toddler has an accident or there are so many toys all over my living room floor that they have to take precedence over the “chore of the day”.

My day starts out pretty good, dishes done, everyone dressed, even read some Bible study.

To-do list made. But never done.

I know it’s just a list.  I know tickling and reading and puzzling and nursing and laughing and rocking are all more important and infinitely more lasting, but sometimes it would be nice to actually finish the list, you know?

I can fold four baskets of laundry in one afternoon, but my kids’ rooms are still a wreck.  Those rooms are never going to look like this are they?

In my plans, I actually check off those lists.  I actually complete all my tasks.  I actually get ahead of myself.

I think, though, that my kids have plans too.  Plans to reach the next level on Mario,  plans to get just one more book from the library, plans to ride bikes and hike in the woods.

Plans I really should plan to be a part of….

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