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My Favorite Posts for Motherhood {top 10}

Right now, in the season of life I’m in, I only want to read about two basic things: other mothers identifying with me in the trenches and glory of motherhood and mindless escapism fiction.  I’m not getting a whole lot of the latter lately, at least not a lot of new fiction is making its way to my bedside table, though there’s plenty of Anne and Laura as I read to my 8 year old, which is good because always, always, always those stories have a way of quieting my soul.

But these stories of motherhood….these restore me and refresh me and rejuvenate me long enough to know I can get up again tomorrow, and, once again, say no to candy before 9 a.m. and flip-flops when it’s 35 degrees.

So here’s a simple list of ten posts about motherhood I hope you’ll read if you’re here now or been there before or coming soon to this amazing (and exhausting) season of life.  Of course I’ve included some of my own as well as favorites from other bloggers.

1.  What No One Told Me About Mothering in which I tell the truth that this is hard.  This is my most popular post and the one I received the most feedback about, I guess, because it resonated with so many of us and because God likes to continually remind me that I’m not alone.
2. Beyond My Control in which I write about my struggle with my pregnancy and self-image.
2.  When the Words are Perfect in which I find reminders all around that remind me not to stand alone.
3.  Because Sometimes You Just Break in which I confess that, sometimes, motherhood breaks me.
4.  My Delightful Confession in which I ‘fess up to what I’ve discovered in eight years of motherhood.
5.  My Favorite Baby Gear in which I list only ten of my recommended items for mamas and babies.
6.  When We Just Want It to Matter in which I remind you (and myself) that what we does matter.
7.  Sometimes You Just Want to Quit in which I quit motherhood for five whole minutes and that’s okay.

and to round out the list….
8.  Grace for the Working Mother (and her guilt) in which Lisa-Jo Baker paints words into comfort and encouragement for all mothers of all professions.  If you don’t read her blog, you should.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ll be tossing a post idea around in my head after a day of chaos and suddenly her words are there in my inbox and they’re so perfect, it’s unreal.
9.  What If Sometimes You Don’t Like Motherhood?  in which Rachel at Finding Joy responds to her responses to this “dear mom” letter. oh and she also just posted this that I love and will probably print for my sister-in-law.
10.  10+ Helps for Really Busy Moms in which Ann Voskamp, whose words are like water for my thirsty heart and whose expressions of gratitude often make me weep, reminds me “motherhood is a hallowed place because children are never commonplace” and “I have all I need for today”. This is framed and hanging in my kitchen so that I can see it and remember.

If you love this, share it, pin it, tweet it, and pass it on!  Thank you for reading my stumbling and broken words….

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