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Comfort {five minute friday}

It’s a bit late for me to be blogging, but it’s the first quiet time I’ve really had all day and the first time this week I’ve been able to compose thoughts into words that might be comfort.

If there’s anything I’ve learned this week, it’s that comfort comes in many ways.  It comes in steady rain like tears.  It comes in purple sunsets over Afghan deserts.  It comes in rows and rows of those who love others before themselves.

It comes in extra car seats so there’s room for just one more.  It comes in lattes and hazelnut creamer and pink hydrangeas.  It comes in messages and tweets and Instagram.

It comes in nails painted blue.

These little ordinary moments of comfort, they can never be enough to take away the hurt.  But, hopefully, gracefully, they can be enough to get you through another day.

This week my community is in fervent prayer for a family who lost their infant daughter.  Will you join me in lifting them up to the only One who can bring comfort?

3 thoughts on “Comfort {five minute friday}

  1. Oh Lord, thank you that you can comfort this family who is surely in great need. Allow them to sense your presence as they go through unspeakable grief. In Jesus' name, Amen. Yes, the ordinary moments can be extraordinarily comforting!


  2. You're right…they can never take away the hurt, but I like to think they give us a little glimpse of heaven. Thank you for sharing this!


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