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The Margin Mom {how I’m reclaiming summer’s white space}

Just before school got out, I had Madelynne make a list of adventures we could have this summer.  We have no family vacation plans, and I was already tired of hearing about So-and-So.

 Does your family have So-and-So?  In my house, this person has unlimited amounts of cash to be spent on everything from the water park to the beach to lunch out everyday.  I don’t know about you, but I just can’t keep up with So-and-So.

So instead I’ve tried to keep up with the Fun Mom.  Fun Mom always swims with her kids, lets them eat ice cream and pizza for breakfast, and tries to cram her summer full of educationally and spiritually stimulating activities so that no one is ever bored. {maybe I should write a post on how boredom is necessary to stimulating imagination in children?}

Yeah, I’m failing as Fun Mom.

On that list we have so far crossed off three items.  But I’ve managed to jam our days and weeks so full I can’t figure out when we’ll have time to cross off the rest.  We’re doing all good things.  Camp Strong Rock and Vacation Bible School and Camp Pinnacle.  MOSAIC Art Camp and Missions Day Camp and Music Camp.  Library visits that have Fun with Legos and the ever popular Ms. Sheila’s Snake Show.  I’m even squeezing in the occasional jazzercise class and read aloud at night.  And did I mention that for three out of their six camps, I’m on staff?  That means summer for Gus and Amelia consists of a constant shuffle between nursery and babysitters.

But I don’t really want to be Fun Mom anymore.  I’ve decided it’s a lot of work scheduling every minute of their day.

Instead, starting today, I’m going to be Margin Mom.  Margin Mom accepts that somedays have busier schedules than others.  Margin Mom is going to resist the urge to squeeze in one more fun activity on the only day we have off from all our previously arranged activities.  Margin Mom is going to encourage backyard water fights and sleeping late and Lucky Charms for lunch.

 Margin Mom is going to allow the white space left on that summer bucket list to be white space because sometimes that’s the place real summer memories happen.

Come back on Monday and I’ll launch a Margin Mom linky party.  Let’s celebrate and encourage the empty spaces in our lives that only need be filled with ordinary moments.  How do you create margin during busy summer days?

On a side note, Amelia is obsessed with this Clemson Tigers cheerleader costume.  She wears it everywhere.  If  you want a good laugh, just follow me @lindsbrac on Instagram.

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