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In the Morning’s In Between {five minute friday}

It’s time for Five Minute Friday!  Come one, join the party. Everybody’s doing it 🙂

In Between

It’s still dark enough that I have to squint to see the keys I’m not as familiar with on the laptop I’ve balanced on my lap on a sofa that was painted in nailpolish Monday afternoon.  It’s still quiet enough that I can hear the birds in the backyard and the creaking of bed springs as my husband shifts in an effort to avoid the getting up.  It’s still early enough for the big ones to be sleeping and my little man is talking to himself in his crib behind closed door not realizing I am up and available to give him his morning banana and cup of milk.

It’s in between the solitude of rest and the chaos of life that I’ve found my moment to write.

I know people who work late at night after bed, people who carve out their own space during naptimes and drop off times, people who can work with the buzz of children in their background and the hum of the words in their heart.

I need the quiet.  So I”m trying to get up in the in between, trying to make at least one hour of the day about seeking and sorting and stumbling through this new path.

Five minutes goes by faster than you might think.

Five Minute Friday

4 thoughts on “In the Morning’s In Between {five minute friday}

  1. Ahhh yes the beautiful in between of each day. Such a beautiful post and words that resounded in my heart. I completely know these in between moments very well. Praying your day is abundantly blessed.


  2. I appreciate the freedom of being pre-children…I can write whenever other duties aren't pressing. 🙂 Thank you for taking your time out of your days to share your heart with us. ❤


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