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Together: Five Minute Friday {31 Days: Day 25}

Five Minute Friday

Because even though it’s October and I’m writing about Living Local for 31 days straight, it’s also Friday, and I’m learning to find my place in a local online community of gifted writers who let it all fly free for Five Minute Friday.  We’re linking up over at Lisa Jo’s where motherhood comes with a superhero cape and lots of chocolate.  Tonight some of us are blessed to be gathered together in person (wow!) for the #flashmob writing at the Allume Conference. Join us as we explore…


When you live in a small town you spend a lot of time together.

There’s a lot of Friday night football and church potluck and Saturdays at the baseball fields and farmers markets and middle school dances. 
And everyone knows your name, especially when you taught that community for five years about the literary significance of hunger games and gerunds.
But if you leave, if you go somewhere else even for a short time (like say three days at a conference) you might discover that all those people who know your name back home only know a piece of you and not the real show. 

They only know the mama, the teacher, the MOPS coordinator who’s stepping out on a big Leap of faith to leave a comfort zone where folks pretty much know she doesn’t have it all together and they’re okay, and have even embraced that. 
But to be together with those who might know what it means to call yourself writer when it sticks in your throat and makes your stomach flutter is worth it.

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