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My Favorites from Allume and MomCon 2013

Sarah Markley helped me find my voice.

Sarah Mae challenged me to seek God’s face and be honest about capacity.

The Nester and her husband shared practical advice and the importance of purpose.

Emily Freeman (sister of the Nester) told me that God has a time ready for me to read her book.

Lisa Jo Baker reminded me that I don’t have to be “just a mom.”

Ann Voskamp showed me what it looks like to be a conduit for the Holy Spirit.

Jennie Allen made me want to jump and down and holler “Amen!”

Jen Hatmaker ruined my life in the best of ways. Safe and happy isn’t always the answer.

Beth Moore just shone the joy of Jesus.

Shauna Niequest was honest and captivating and made me stop thinking “must be nice.”

But the women who really loved on me and are helping me learn focus are my blogging sisters and MOPS team who shared a hotel room, meals, sweet tea, strong coffee, airplane reads, and late nights with me during the past month. Thank you sweet friends. I’m afraid to list you all for fear I’d leave someone out!

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