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Are You Willing? {Five Minute Friday}

Two nights ago this sweet little stop I call home nearly burned to the ground. 

In a picturesque downtown with a half dozen little cafes and taverns and another handful of businesses that move in and out, it can be hard to make a living.  It can be hard to believe that pouring your blood and sweat and retirement into an expensive storefront on main street is worth more than planting yourself a few miles down the road in the strip beside Walmart.

Especially when that building is 100 year old pine that goes up like kindling. That’s what they kept saying. How those flames leapt so fast and have now changed the face of history in my little town. How they licked and fed and ravaged before they were contained by brave fighters from all over this county. 
But when something you love has burned to the ground, you can’t just stand by and watch it happen and then walk away and never look back. Whether it’s your home or your business or your marriage or your family, when it’s something that’s been the better part of you, you raze that ground and build again.
You come back.  You find it in your soul to be willing to give another chance. 
On Fridays, I join in with a group of writers willing to go bare in the world of words for five brave minutes. We write without overthinking, without editing, without pause. We write for five minutes on the same prompt and then we share it all together in great big linkup at Lisa Jo’s. You can find us trending on twitter with #fmfparty. Come on over and join the fun. 

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