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What’s Been Crowding My Heart (Five Minute Friday)

It’s Five Minute Friday, and that’s about all the time I have for this blog right now. I’ll tell you why below.

Prompt is crowd:

There are thousands of texts on a group text message on my about to kill itself iphone 3 because I have five sisters and a sister-in-law and we know no restraint.

There’s about 180 pages of word vomit in a document on my computer and I’m trying to finish and maybe suck it up and let someone actually read it before I go this conference in May and try not to throw up when I meet with agents.

There’s a new season of MOPS on the horizon and new leadership and I’m trying to give advice while letting go of control.

There’s four little sets of toes and swirly hair and tickling fingers in my bed on Saturday mornings and their daddy is just grateful we took the plunge and set up the king size before he got knocked to the floor.

I’ve been tagging and selling and working consignment, redecorating the living room, making tomato sauce from scratch, and strategizing marketing plans for the CSA for the past two weeks.  Baby boy has eczema and I want to write and submit some articles (or maybe rewrite what’s already there?) and should I try an ebook and daylight savings is kicking me to the curb, y’all.

Life’s a little crowded right now. Even when I’ve let go of some responsibility, I’ve found more to fill it with and less time to be here, in this community, and I don’t know, maybe that’s okay?

Maybe I’m feeling crowded because I’m still failing to recognize my season. 

It doesn’t have to be everything right now. It doesn’t have to be now or never. It doesn’t have to be a missed opportunity if I choose to wait.

Sometimes, the crowd has to thin out a bit so we can really see where we’re going. 

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