Banana Bread

Delighted to be featured on Historical Nibbles today!

Sandra Merville Hart

Today’s post is written by fellow author, Lindsey Brackett. Her debut novel, Still Waters, released in 2017. Looking forward to reading this book, Lindsey!

Her granddaughter lifted the wicker tray with its bounty of porcelain and banana bread.

“Found yourself a snack, did you?” Annie followed her over to the glass doors that welcomed sunlight and ocean views into her home at every meal.

Cora Anne bent her head over the tray as she inhaled. “Banana bread might be my only weakness, Nan.”

“Oh, sweetheart, if only we all had but one.” –Still Waters, Lindsey P. Brackett

Growing up in a household full of kids (I’m the oldest of seven) run by a southern cook (my mom has every issue of Southern Living Best Recipes from the ’80s), I learned my way around the kitchen. My mom needed to feed a large family economically and efficiently. No wonder…

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