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Linking You Up {Weekend’s Best Reads}

Sweet Jessie, who had one of the best smiles at Allume last year, has this fun linkup in which we all share our favorite reads from the week. I’ve written nothing here this week, but maybe in the days there will be more.

I’m working on a lot of projects right now, finishing up the MOPS year, typing away at the never-ending novel, submitting articles to various publications and trying simultaneously not to get my hopes up or sink to the depths of despair over rejection.  Oh, and I’ve got a column for the paper due this week.  I just love my church family who stops me when I’m getting my sweet tea on Wednesday nights to tell me they love what I write. Helps me remember that it’s okay to be small and that my small is someone else’s big.

We’ve also got a lot of personal reflection going on right now.  Nothing I really want to get into, but we’re in a waiting phase right now and I don’t like it because I’m so impatient.  I just want the change and I want it now, even though I’m not really sure what it should be.  Which makes no sense, I know. Maybe I’ll figure out some words this week.  We’ll see.

So my best reads this week are random and varied but what my soul needed.

100 Ways To Make Your Marriage Rock: This is an older post from Kristen Welch, but it was just something I needed this week. We get in the routine, you know, and it’s not that things are bad, it’s just that maybe they could be better? This list jogged my memory with great ideas of things we could do together to improve our marriage, because let’s face it, nobody’s perfect and nobody’s got it together all of the time.  Personally, I really love how she says in #20 and #21 to look to him to make the big decisions and let her make the small ones.  Lately, we’ve had a bit of an issue with me trusting Joshua and believing him when he tells me our debt payoff will work, and we’ve had issue with him giving me opinions on things like new bedding when he really doesn’t care, but I asked so he figured I cared what he thought. (It’s not that I didn’t value his opinion, but I had a vision that he didn’t know about. Bet you can guess how that went.)

Amy at Coffee with the Mrs. writes my heart in this post about finding your place at the roots. Right now, we’re both hoping funds come through so we can have cupcakes and coffee together at Allume this year, but what she says here is so exactly where my heart needs to be, no matter what happens.

How to Choose what’s important today over at Lisa Jo’s was the Five Minute Friday prompt this week.  I didn’t write because choosing is what I’m at odds with right now so I couldn’t even choose which of the five topics came to my mind when I saw this.  But her words about choosing to recognize that the daily mundane really is what matters most, and when she says “The only thing that stood the test of time was who was the parent and who was the child.” I almost wept.

And since we’re in this season of trying to decide (and hoping) on a new home I also loved this post at Incourage 5 Ways to Build a Beautiful Home because ultimately that’s the kind of home I want.

Lastly, on that home note, The Nester always has some great wisdom in the form of arrows for me.  I have no idea what the arrows are in my home.  Do you know what yours are? Want to come over and help me find mine? Oh, and I cleaned off my kitchen table.  Lasted all night.

What did you read that was great this week? Link up with Jessie or leave me some comment love below! · pregnancy · saturday rambling

Saturday Ramblings

We’ve been on fall break for the past couple of days.  Translation: Mommy has been lazy and Daddy and the girls have been working hard on their big project.

Here it is:

It’s a “wild garden.”  We’re going to turn this little plot into a maze of vegetables and flowers and butterflies (hopefully) in the spring, but apparently the work starts now.  My job was to supervise and take pictures while the girls and Joshua hauled mulch and scraped dirt.

Then I was worn out, so Amelia and I had to go inside and take naps.  It’s tough to supervise.  And did I mention, it was super cold on this day?  On Monday it was 78 degrees, on Thursday it was 48.  Then I started wondering why the house was so cold, and guess what?  The unit isn’t working.  No idea how long it’s truly been out since it’s been off for about ten days and the windows have been open.  But yesterday, the thermostat quit registering as well.  Good thing last year we invested in this lovely piece so our tootsies can stay warm.

On Thursday, we also visited my OB office for an ultrasound to determine just when this new baby is actually due.  Here’s a little TMI for some of you: when you get pregnant on your IUD, it’s hard to determine exactly when that might have occurred.  Hence, the three ultrasounds I’ve already had.  So, we thought Peanut was due more mid to late May, but it’s been decided to move the date to May 8th.  Which might break our birthday streak: 9-19, 3-19, 2-19.  But since this baby is on it’s own timing, who’s surprised?

We took the girls with us to see the baby, and all they kept asking poor Jessica was, “Boy or girl?”  No amount of “it’s too early” could convince them.  Here it is…boy or girl?

Kind of skeletal in honor of Halloween.  My dates were changed to show that baby measured 11w2d, so we’ll check back in November to answer that all important question.  Yes, this time I want to know.  Joshua doesn’t, but I told him I’d be happy to find out and he could just not speak to any of my friends or family or check facebook between now and May.  So, he gave up the argument.  I think he’s saving his breath for the name argument, um, discussion.

Now we’re having a lazy Saturday that needs to get a move on if we’re going to make it to the farm for apple picking later today.

Where are you rambling off to this Saturday?