Random Acts of…Baby Belle

Well, she’s not the baby anymore, but my sweet middle child is turning 4 tomorrow, so I thought I’d take a few moments to tell you some endearing things about our Belle.

~She’s “Baby Belle” because her big sister was only 18 months old when she was born and couldn’t say her whole name but kept hearing everyone talk about “Baby Annabelle.” It wasn’t long before she’d shortened it and even her nickname-hating daddy caved to calling her Baby Belle.
~Belle’s middle name is Faith because she was born at a time when a lot of our life seemed very unsteady. She was our tangible example of faith that God would continue to care for and provide for our every need.
~She’s the most stubborn child I’ve ever known, and since I teach middle school, that’s saying a lot. Joshua blames this on his dad’s father, saying that no one but Annabelle is as stubborn as his Grandpa was. Here’s an example: She sat at her Mimi’s kitchen table for an entire day one time because she refused to say, “Please, may I get down.” I don’t think Deanne expected the tenaciousness when telling her she wasn’t getting down until she asked. Ahh…be careful what punishment you promise the Annabelle. She truly believes she can outlast you.
~She is my cuddle-Belle. Before another little person was demanding Mommy’s arms in the middle of the night, Annabelle had the monopoly. Madelynne has never really been one to get up during the night; she may fight sleep, but when she’s out, she’s out. Not Belle. She loves to sleep (and will put herself down for naps), but when she wants to cuddle with Mommy, time of day, or night, has no bounds.
~When you ask her a question, she scrunches up her face and taps her head and says, “Think, think, think.” It’s adorable even if she does it because she’s copying a similar phase Madelynne when through last year.
~Today when I was at her school providing birthday cupcakes for snack time, her teacher was telling me things about her. Ms. Marie: She’s very good at managing…you know telling the other children what to do next. Me: She’s bossy. We know. So’s her sister.
~Another school conversation occurring while Ms. Marie is admiring her birthday outfit that is pink and ruffly and very girly (thanks, Kim Reed at Ms. Marie: She’s very, um– Me: Prissy. And she is! This is my child who doesn’t like to be dirty or wet and will shriek if her hands are sticky. Then there’s Madelynne….oh, that’s another post.

No matter what random acts she may perform, she’s still our Baby Belle. And no matter what she thinks, 4 years old is NOT all grown up! Mommy’s not ready to face a future of big school, prom dresses, and demands for a personal cell phone. Thank goodness most of those things are a long way off, no matter how time may fly.

I love you Annabelle Faith Brackett! Happy Birthday!

3 thoughts on “Random Acts of…Baby Belle

  1. AWWWWWW…..She sounds like a person I happen to know VEERRRYYYY well….ME!!!!! 🙂 I love my Annabelle Faith. She is an angel and a little devil at times, but she is the most perfect little 4 yr. old neice! I love the picture of her at the beginning…looks like a similar one I have of me!!!


  2. I loved reading all the things that make Annabelle Annabelle! I think I might know where Hailey got the scrunched up face now!
    Hailey can't wait to celebrate with Belle…. eventhough she thinks she has already done it. Love those silly girls!
    BTW, thanks for the shout out.


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