Random Acts of….Daddy

I’m sure that most are assuming this post will be about the Daddy of all my sweet princesses.

Well, Joshua is a fantastic daddy who possesses the all important “Daddy-voice” that is often employed at moments of crisis, such as Belle is out of bed for the third time or Madelynne has rolled her eyes in a move that is far too teenage for her five-year-old self, or Amelia is refusing to go to sleep before 11 p.m.
Just kidding…stern Daddy voices don’t work on newborns so he just tries to talk sweetly and reasonably to her. That doesn’t work either.
But this post isn’t so much about Joshua as it is about daddies in general. I’m watching Gilmore Girls while I’m playing with my blog template and it’s that episode where Rory gets in a car accident with Jess and Lorelei flips out and calls Chris and he swears he’s going to rip off the head of that kid who messed up his daughter.
And while that may not be the best solution to every problem, it is a Daddy’s perogative to feel that way. Because after all, we’re talking about a daddy’s little girl.
And no matter what, it is a daddy’s job to protect his baby. I’m glad my life has been blessed by a Daddy whose first concern is always for his girls safety and protection.
Followed by a concern for where the guy is so he can rip his head off.
And speaking of Daddies head over to Annabelle-isms for the correct theology on the most important of all fathers.

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