Random Acts of…God

July 1, 2010

Except God is never random.  He knows from the “get-go”, as my mama would say, and He never gasps or grips the arm of the chair in shock or widens his eyes.  He already knew and sometimes, I think, He just leans back and nods and says, “Told you to trust me.”

Tonight I was reminded just how perfect and indescribable He is.  Too much of my life lately has been spent questioning, wondering, waiting impatiently for Him to tell me why bad things happen to good people and why He won’t work on my schedule and how can he let tragedy come into the lives of people we love?

Grace.  Faith.  Hope.

My daughters’ names were not chosen randomly.  They were chosen as statements of tangible evidence that these are the gifts of God.  He is not random.

He knew my friend would deliver her baby girl several weeks early.  And because He can see the end and we can only see the now, He orchestrated it perfectly.

It’s a girl.  Did you know the lungs of baby girls develop faster than that of boys so they thrive more quickly?

They had already made peace and plans for her to not return to work.  She wanted to go back but this was the path chosen for them.  And now she knows why.

Some of us are cut out to parent strong-willed children, rebellious children, gifted and handicapped children….

Some of us are called to parent preemies, so fragile and yet, so strong.

So many steps along the way that might have left them wondering why me? why us? why now?

Now they know.  The reason lies in a tiny bed, in a big hospital, on a beautiful summer night.

She wasn’t early.  She was right on time.  God is never random.

Welcome to the world, Amelia Noel!  Those fireworks in the night sky?  Of course they’re for you.  We’re all very glad you’re here.  And we’re praying for you and your mommy and your daddy.  Thank You God for baby girls.

One thought on “Random Acts of…God

  1. beautiful writing. wish i had your gift. we do need to hang out sometime soon. life has been a whirlwind but it should be slowing down soon.


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