project 52

Project 52.3

Madelynne and Amelia stage a photo shoot in the hallway, although it looks more like Belle has been kicked out of the room they share, and is waiting for a ride somewhere else with all her belongings.

Because you should always dress up to play Wii.

Our good friend Jason took a break from his residency as a new doctor to come visit over the weekend and play lots of video games with the girls.  He’s chosen pediatrics as his specialty and he’s definitely a favorite with our girls.

Spaghetti night=Photos and Sauce Galore!
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One thought on “Project 52.3

  1. love the week 3 recap. my favorite is definitely the photo and description of madelynne in the hallway. all dressed up with no place to go. thanks for always providing such a great glimpse into life with girls!


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