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Why I Love My Sisters

I’m not an expert on a lot of things, but I know about sisters.

I know all about sharing bathrooms and fixing each others hair and stealing clothes and fighting for attention. 

And I know everything about the fear that turns your stomach to ice and starts your hands to shaking when you get that call.  The call that one of them is hurt and I wasn’t there to protect my baby sister.

And I know all about rushing to be there to hold her hand and tell her it’s going to be all right.  And I pray I never again have to look at Audrey in a neck brace on a backboard and remember the first time I held her and marveled at her beauty.

I was a big sister long before I was a mama.  My children help recreate me every day, but my sisters remember who I’ve always been.

We may drive each other (and anyone with hearing range) crazy, but we will always drive each other home.

Audrey is recovering at home from a head-on collision that occurred Friday afternoon. Many thanks to the first responders, doctors, and nurses who have endured a Payne-full weekend.

3 thoughts on “Why I Love My Sisters

  1. i am scared too death of getting a phone call like that. hate you guys had to go through that. we will be praying for your family. and i have to say, i love my sisters too!


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