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Project 52.Something

Yeah, I did good for the first month.  But apparently after January was over, so was my discipline. 

So here’s my attempt at reclaiming my weekly project of documenting the random days of our lives.

We’ve had a pretty down week.  It’s been busy with Joshua working late hours as the bank transitions to its new holding company and the girls and I are getting ready for the spring play at my school.

But this weekend, I was hit hard in the heart with a reminder that no matter how much I may hate the idea of my life changing because of his job, I am so blessed to be able to pack up my stuff…all that nonsense knick-knack brick-a-brack that makes our house our home.

Not that we’re packing just yet. But as I visited with our friends tonight who lost their entire home and both vehicles in a horrific fire yesterday morning, I’m definitely more grateful for my van with its chipping paint, my crooked kitchen cabinets, my sagging couch.  And I’m amazed by how quickly people will work to show others love and support when the physical structure of a life is gone.

Thank you, Lord, though, that it is never the physical structure that gives us our life, but rather the friends and family who are still standing no matter where you are.

Wow, long post for Project 52!  Here’s pics as promised!

Happy Birthday (again) to Amelia and Granddaddy.  We finally had her party this weekend.

That’s right, she’s eating more cake.

Where’s Amelia?

This girl loves her some birthday!

Amelia has seven aunts.  Aunt Calley and Aunt Alaina are the only ones who showed…we see how it is!

Playing with old friends.  I remember when these four used to all fit in the same bathtub!

One thought on “Project 52.Something

  1. Ummmmmm I totally got in my birthday time with the birthday girl way early and plus BUSY! You know how it is when Weepeats is here my whole life shuts down for the week! And lord knows Kelsey cant get away from college books for more than 5 mins at a time! We love you and her though!!


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