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Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
So since I’m staying home, I’m trying to be more crafty. I have this misconception that SAHMs are all crafty and decorator-y (it’s a word) and cute.  Notice I said misconception. I am well aware that most of the time we have pop-tart on our shirts, messy hair, and are lucky if the kids matched this morning.  But a girl can dream.  So for my first project:
We made some morning routine placemats. The craft itself was easy, well as easy as contact paper can be.  The fighting of the sissies, not so much.  Turned out alright, though.  And they use them.  Every morning.  So now I need new Expo markers.  And I no longer have a classroom to steal from.
My girls like to dance.  On top of the coffee table.  While dressed like fairy princesses.  
Don’t tell their daddy.
Madelynne lost another tooth.  So she spent Saturday morning crying because the tooth fairy forgot to leave her money (don’t worry we soon discovered the TF left it by the tv. I mean, what was she thinking?) and sucking juice through the gaping hole in her mouth.  Awesome.
I’m on a mission to try new recipes.  Cook more from scratch because ultimately it is cheaper. Even with coupons.  BUT if you’re going to do that, it’s useful to follow the directions of ingredients one might not be familiar with.  Such as the difference between regular yeast and rapid rise.  Calzones turned out alright, though.  I’m still enjoying leftovers, myself.  And I did make that marinara from the tomatoes off the bush in my backyard.  Which made me happy.
Homework.  It’s begun. And it’s math. 
I feel your pain, baby.
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Happy Monday!

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