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Things I’ve Really Wanted….

 …to blog about but haven’t had/made time.

We’ve been making too much homemade pizza lately.  Our beloved (free) pizza cutter broke in half the other night.  The fact that is was a Habersham Bank pizza cutter might have been symbolic if you want to be that deep a thinker.

These awsomely handmade/hand-me-down Halloween costumes.  We spent no money and used items we found around the house.  That’s electrical tape making Madelynne’s Tigger stripes.
Joshua and the girls made these cute turkeys as a Saturday project a couple of weeks ago.  He’s way better at projects than I am.  I look at that and see frustration.  Guess that’s why we’re a good team.

I think this turkey got eaten soon after.  Oh, well.  The short life of a turkey at Thanksgiving.
My cousin Heather is having a girl soon, so we spent Saturday afternoon making sweet onesies at her baby shower.  
Belle went with me and since she is all about scissors right now, this was the perfect activity for her.
She even showed off her ironing skills when we got back home.  
Here’s my onesie.  We’re into owls lately.  It needs buttons for eyes and then it’s done.  Maybe no Kim Reed, but endearing nonetheless.
These two have been big buddies lately.  I suspect that means I’m in for it .

Oh, and guess what?  We’re having a boy.  What do you do with boys?  Do they like pizza and Pooh Bear and candy turkeys and baby showers?  Maybe all but the last.

4 thoughts on “Things I’ve Really Wanted….

  1. Ooohhh!!!! A boy!! A baby brother for your princesses!! Boys will come just as naturally as girls. And I bet Joshua is thrilled. 🙂 (My Joshua is one of FIVE boys…I can't imagine!) Your little guy is going to spend his childhood being dressed up, mommied, and perfectly big-sistered. What a blessed boy he's going to be. 🙂

    Those turkeys are awfully cute. Might have to do that with my little cousins who I'm going to see over Thanksgiving!!! 🙂

    And I LOVE the pic of your girls reading together. Sigh…makes me miss my little sissy. 🙂


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