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Working On Wednesday {Breathing Heaven}

I’ve been busy.  Super crazy ankle swelling didn’t sit down for 6 hours yesterday busy.

I have a love/hate relationship with consignment sales.

But I’m in love with gardening.  Well, the idea of it anyway.  Or rather, sitting on my porch watching Joshua and the girls work in the garden while I sip iced tea.  I’m in love with that.

And the way Lowe’s smells right now.

Maybe it’s because I’m preggo and supersensitive, but the garden center at our local Lowe’s smells like heaven.  If we grow flowers and vegetables and spill potting soil and water on early spring days in Heaven.

Which I’m sure we do.

God created all this beauty so why would we ever think it would be contained to just here?

So that’s what I’ve been doing.  Tagging children’s clothes.  Babysitting for a friend.  Breathing heaven.

A return to regularly scheduled blogging is coming soon.

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