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See: 5 Minute Friday

What do you see?

I see my two big girls, my first attempts at mothering, my inability to fix their hair incredibly cute on this last day of school.

I see Annabelle is tall enough to wear the dress Madelynne wore the first day and Madelynne is forcing that smile because she was irritated I would take their picture but wouldn’t drive them.

I see how much they’ve been through this year.

Such a big year for such little people.

A mommy who couldn’t quite get it together but is trying so hard.  A new brother who was so unexpected and such a blessing.  A change in lifestyle.  More of the words “we just can’t afford that” and less of the giving in.

I don’t think I’ve scarred them.  If I have, I don’t see it.

Instead I see hope for the future.  Another chance to help make the world a little better, brighter, sweeter.

They’ve completed kindergarten and first grade and so soon this picture will be caps and gowns and sequins and tiaras.

I’ll take the hand me down dress and forced smile.

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