31 Days to Embracing Motherhood · amelia

31 Days Embracing Motherhood: When All You Have is a Clean(ish) Floor

I mentioned last post that we’ve been potty training around here lately.  I thought she’d gotten it, really thought so.  A week of no diapers and lots of “I gotta go potty now!” and rushing, rushing, rushing so she could say, “I tinkle!  It change colors.”  (you know, because we don’t drink nearly enough water…)

Then we went to the beach.

And while that was fun, she apparently forgot how to potty.  I don’t know. Maybe it was the swimsuit.  Or the sand.  Or the really big fish.

But ever since we returned to our regular routine, she’s been “forgetting” and I’ve been cleaning.

The upside to all this is that the kitchen floor has got to be cleaner than it was at the beginning of the month, right?

for all my 31 Days posts click here.  and no, you aren’t miscounting.  I’m missing a few days. Imperfection.  It’s another trait to embrace about motherhood.  and blogging.  and life. and my kids’ rooms. 

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