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What Happens When a Mom Gets Organized

When a mom gets organized, she will start with a list.

But while she’s making the list, her pen will run out of ink because her kids have been using it to draw pictures of people with too many toes.

So she will open the junk drawer to find a new one.

Then she will get distracted by all the junk, things like leftover seed packets and take out menus and pencils without erasers.

So she will be forced to dump the drawer out on the kitchen table so she can sort through it.

But she will need drawer dividers, so she will have to go to Wal-mart.

Before she can leave, she will have to sort through all the unmatched socks to find a pair that matches for the toddler.  This will make her evaluate deep questions, such as, “If we have a car accident will the paramedics care that the socks don’t match?”

When she gets to Wal-mart, she will get distracted by the display of fruit snacks and clearance holiday decor.  Before she knows it, her buggy will be full, her toddler will be hungry, and she still won’t have drawer dividers.

By the time she gets back home, the toddler will be asleep in the car necessitating a stealth switch from carseat to bed.

Now, she can deal with the junk drawer.

Except first she has to put away all the groceries she didn’t know she needed and sip some water because she just realized that the only thing she’s had to drink all day is half a cup of coffee.   The other half is still sitting on the counter where she set it down to empty the junk drawer.

Now, drawer dividers.  That don’t fit.

Exasperated, she will sweep all the junk back in the drawer.  In the process, she will find one of her favorite earrings that has been missing for months.

So she will go to her bedroom to put it away and realize that her jewelry box could really use organizing…..

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