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Cancelled Again {five minute friday}

It happened again last night.  The one stop call that tells us school is cancelled in our little neck of the woods because of the possibility of inclement weather.

I’m pretty sure Northerners chuckle at us over that.  If they care to notice at all that northeast Georgia is getting a bit of ice on roads and back decks and front patios.

So again.  Just like last Friday.  Extra hours at home.  Which is fine.  Which is great.  Which is sweet if I’m in the right mood to just enjoy some extra time with my girls and their artistic temperaments and their love of 80s shows on Netflix.

Except I wasn’t really. I’m in an organizing mood. A cleaning mood.  A clear out the cobwebs kind of mood.  Doesn’t really work with a houseful of ornery kids.

Again I pick up the toys.  Again she dumps out the box of My Little Ponies and packs them into the carrying case for the American Girl dolls.  Again I sort the legos from the zoobles from the Happy Meal toys and again I find them scattered all over the house, a trail of breadcrumbs from the kitchen to the bedrooms to the hiding places under the computer desk.  Again I sweep the floor and again he drops puffs and bits of bread just to see them fall.  Again I stack the books spine to the edge of the shelf for easy access only to find them piled beside the bed and shoved between the couch cushions.

Again, again, again.

Yet I keep trying, I keep hoping, I keep believing that if I just fix it again, this time it will stay put away.  

Someday that will work, and then, am I really going to be wishing to do this all over again?

Five Minute Friday

3 thoughts on “Cancelled Again {five minute friday}

  1. boy oh boy do i know this feeling. I feel like I am constantly doing things AGAIN. I get so frustrated sometimes but then I have to remind myself to be thankful for My Little Pony and puzzle pieces and weeble wobbles and boy crazy teenagers because those are all signs of life and without them I am unsure where I would be! Love the blog!


  2. Oh how true it is. I find myself trying to “fix it” all the time. The day I “fix it” and it works is going to be a sad day. Mine were home from school yesterday too. Unlike you though, that is when I get the most done. When my teenager is home to help with the little ones, I get so much more accomplished.


  3. Ha! You must be close to my town. Everything shut down yesterday for freezing rain… me… I packed up the toddlers and baby and went to get thread while the others cleared out all the bread and milk. Hehe. It is so hard to imagine that we'll miss this season of toddlerhood… so I'm eating it up… and dreading the days of legos :-p


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