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A Monday Menu & A Saturday Party

So last week my post about what’s been cooking for dinner around here was pretty lame.  It was actually more about snow than food.  But that’s what we were loving last weekend, so that’s what got written.  I did post a picture of my roasted chicken, so this week I give you the source of that deliciousness.  And what is clearly a superior food photo.

Over the weekend, we needed a power breakfast.  You know, something more than cereal because it requires a bit of protein to keep up with a passel of toddlers at a three-year old’s birthday party.  An early Saturday morning Pinterest search revealed this.
Crescent rolls, scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese.  Yes, please.  Except bacon isn’t a staple in my house unless it’s on sale, so I opted for lining my crescents with deli ham.  Highly recommended.
So here’s a menu idea for you this week.  We’re having leftover soup, church dinner, and a special Valentine’s feast that will include homemade rice-a-roni and brussel sprouts because that’s what they requested.
I know.  My kids are weird.
But you could have this.
My husband gets a kick out of how often I take pictures of the food I’m making.  Sometimes, though, he gets really into it and decides to arrange his supper like he’s in a fancy restaurant.  I made my balsamic pork roast (which is actually a Boston Butt) in the crockpot.  That’s brown rice drizzled with the sauce and these green beans.  Looks more impressive than it probably was.
Okay, that’s a lie.  It was really, really good.  I have only great love for balsamic vinegar.
Party time!  Amelia’s birthday is still a week away, but for various reasons, we had her party this past weekend.  We had gorgeous weather, sweet friends, and only a couple of meltdowns (me and the birthday girl).  Seriously, these parties are really too much work.
Except that morning, she crawled up in my lap and said, “Mama!  Today is my birfday party?”  When I said yes, she flung those arms that are still baby-chubby around my neck and squeezed.
So, the meltdown was worth it after all.

Yes, those are balloons in that horse corral.  She wanted both.  Don’t argue with the birthday girl.  Or the mama who forgot to order the cake and had to buy one off the shelf.
The fence is pretzel sticks.  The horses were borrowed from a game of big sister’s.
I’m not a treat bag fan.  I think party favors should be simple and creative.  We had a horse theme, so this is horse food, i.e. candy corn and dinner mints to represent sugar cubes.
Yes, at the Dollar Tree in Buford you can buy candy corn in February.  Who knew?
These are upcycled baby food jars with tags assembled by the birthday girl’s daddy.
My cowboy.
Opening presents with Sam.  He’s two days older, so he was the helper. He also has one of the sweetest mamas in the world.
Mary Lynn gave her legos.  I think she’s trying to  convince Amelia that it’s okay for her to move far, far away, but we aren’t falling for it.

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