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Worship {Five Minute Friday}

IFive Minute Fridayt’s Friday and that means it’s time to write for five minutes, no editing, no backtracking, no overthinking. Lisa-Jo provides a prompt and in this community we write and then we encourage one another.  So link it up, friends, and share the love.

This week’s prompt is….


Churches aren’t perfect.  They’re made up of messy, broken, difficult, cantankerous, controlling people who have all been amazingly forgiven.

Forgiveness is the song of the church.  It’s the hymn that’s sung over and over by a great God who is bigger than us because He can forgive so much more readily, so much more easily, so much more forgetfully than we ever can.

Church is supposed to be the place you come when you have no where else to go.  The place where we can be raw and real and so much less than perfect.  The place you need after the Sunday morning meltdowns over shoes and hairbows or the sanctuary you crave after chaos and confusion have had their reign everywhere else.

But the church itself?  That’s not worship. That’s a place that feeds worship and communion and fellowship.

But worship…that can happen when you aren’t even looking for it because He’s always looking for you.

I’ve gone to church my whole life and been in many different settings from mountainside chapels to stained glassed steeples.

But in May I sat and held a friend while she cried from the depths of her soul and there was nothing to be said except to invoke the name of Jesus.  It didn’t look like worship.

But it was.

Always, always, that is worship at its truest.  The call to Christ and the forgiveness of sins that tears down the veil.

May you experience it today when you need it most.

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