Friday Five

Red {Five Minute Friday}

IFive Minute Fridayt’s Friday and that means it’s time to write for five minutes, no editing, no backtracking, no overthinking. Lisa-Jo provides a prompt and in this community we write and then we encourage one another.  So link it up, friends, and share the love because “Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar.” E.B White via Lisa Jo.

This week’s prompt is….


There’s one of those red solo cups someone wrote a song about on my counter but there’s nothing medicinal in it. Just remnants of sweet tea and the fatigue of a mama too tired to think about the load unload rinse wash repeat cycle of dishes for one more weary day.

That cup’s a token of a week gone wrong and right in so many ways it should be reality television.  But it’s not.  It’s just my life.

It’s all our lives really.  Days that are harder than the one before and weeks that suck all of life’s joy down the drain with the soggy cheerios because someone said or someone did or someone didn’t or someone should’ve.

I made dinner from scratch tonight and fried okra while shielding my favorite shirt from grease splatters and the toothcutting baby boy pulled my legs and the homework was almost done and my big girls shelled a peck of purple hulled peas.  But I couldn’t bring myself to use real glasses.  It was too much in a long list of too many reasons why I felt deflated and flattened and red solo cups were easy.

In a week of hard choices and difficult decisions and bitter tears and hurt hearts, choosing the cup I didn’t have to wash was easy.

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