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She {Five Minute Friday}

IFive Minute Fridayt’s Friday and that means it’s time to write for five minutes, no editing, no backtracking, no overthinking (I broke all these rules last week). Lisa-Jo provides a prompt and in this community, we write, and then we encourage one another. So link it up, friends, and share the love because “Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar.” E.B White via Lisa Jo.

This week’s prompt is….

She’ll come in with her arms full of bags casseroles and sippy cups and the extra paci hanging from her pinky. She might have yelled this morning and rushed and fought her way out the door and wondered if the ends will justify the means.

She might come in alone, her few precious hours when they are all in school or at Nana’s chosen to spend with others who rock the night with babies in swings and the mornings with tall cups of hazelnut caffeine. She might be timid or just plain afraid or too overwhelmed to know if she belongs or not.

She might be cute in her chevron print.  She might be secretly wearing the only pair of pants that zip. She might be hating the tall blonde who looks like a model and sighing in secret relief to see someone else who just is happy to have on a clean tshirt.

She might laugh. She might cry. She might connect. She might be glad she came.

I know I will be.

It’s MOPS Friday for my group and we’re filling our fellowship hall and every room in the preschool wing. Pray for us please?

Have you entered my giveaway?  Speaking of she...Marcy’s book is for all of you who have struggled with infertility and felt alone or for those of us who have been on the outside of a friend’s struggle and wondered how to help.  Click here to enter!

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