Team :: Five Minute Friday

Yes, Friday on Monday. A girl can dream, right?

I spent quite a while with this group of writers when Lisa Jo hosted Five Minute Friday. Some of my favorite posts came from these one-word prompts with five minutes to write.

Like this one about a red solo cup.

I’ve been burnt out lately. Ironically, the publishing industry is known for writer burnout. My publisher told me there is no better time to be a writer than the time before you publish your first book. After that, deadlines and expectations and marketing can make a writer drown and long for the days when all you did was sit down and bleed on the page and feel a smidge good about the results.

So I’m linking back up with Five Minute Friday, now hosted by Kate Motaung, and embracing that writing with abandon–and a five minute window.

Startup Stock Photos
Startup Stock Photos


I’m in the habit of spreading myself too thin. It’s a sickness really. I hate to say no, I hate to disappoint, and above all else I really, really want everyone to like me.

It’s a problem when it comes to building deep, meaningful relationships. I’m never the friend who’s going to call you out. In fact, I can only think of one instance where I told a friend I disagreed with her decision. Thank God our friendship survived, but I’ve never done that again.

I’m scared.

Scared of not having anybody in my court. So I figure if I keep on giving, eventually, they’ll give back?

Not really.

I’ve been part of a lot of groups over the years. Young mothers. Mothers with elementary kids. Christians. Non-Christians.

But none of those groups have really taken me in, been my home team.

I’ve got a person here and there, but no cohesiveness. No these-are-my-five-people in this community. Instead, I’ve got one a couple hours away, one a state away, and a couple nearby.

And I’ve got five sisters and a sister-in-law which is its own kind of uniqueness.


It’s been a while so I’m going to cheat and add another minute.

Bottom line, I think I’ve been looking outside my true home to find something I already have. We aren’t built for close relationships with the whole world–or even the whole community–but we do have the capacity for a few, special people.

And when I look back on my life, those are always, always the people who put me on their team and allowed me in.

Tell me about your home team? I love this quote from Shauna Niequest, “The first step is realizing that there is in fact a limited amount of time and caring and energy. I’m generally the last to admit this… Right about then, I start crying in the car and can’t figure out why. It’s usually because I’ve given more than I should to people who aren’t a part of my daily, regular world. They’re not the ones who need it.”

I think “daily, regular” in our world can also mean the friends across the miles. I know I have two and one of them gave me her own copy of Bittersweet by Shauna Niequest. There’s a lot of love in a dog-eared paperback, y’all.



2 thoughts on “Team :: Five Minute Friday

  1. I love this post and I understand what you’re saying. Have lived the same way. You’ve given me food for thought. My home team…they’re there. Sometimes they’re just not recognizable because I’m too busy looking past them to realize who they are. Thank you! And God bless!

    And, by the way, I did Friday on Monday, too…the first post I’ve done in months. :/


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