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Still Waters Wins Selah Awards!

My writing career launched in 2014 through the connections I made at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference. So last week, when I was double nominated as a Selah Award finalist for First Novel and a fiction finalist for the Director’s Choice Award, I felt like I’d come full circle.

Four years ago I sat in that crowd and wondered if I’d ever cross that stage to accept a plaque with with mine and my book’s name on it.

Last week I accepted three.

My oldest daughter, Madelynne and my husband Joshua came with me. Joshua, to be a my support. Madelynne, to fangirl over fellow writer, Kristen Hogrefe, whose book The Revisionary was also a double winner for Speculative and YA.

Still Waters won the Selah Award for First Novel and to my everlasting surprise, I also won Selah Fiction Book of the Year.

Eva Marie Everson is the contest director, but she wears many hats, and one of those is as my editor. She’s a great secret keeper.


Then, conference directors, Edie Melson and DiAnn Mills, talented and accomplished women who trusted me enough to name me a member of their prestigious faculty in 2017, announced the Director’s Choice Award for Fiction.


And I received another decoration for a wall I didn’t know I needed.

I’m deeply honored and humbled to have my story recognized for its merit in the very place where I first believed I could write and sell a novel.

As Cora Anne learns, there’s nothing like coming home.

Photo credits: Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference and friends.

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Hanging with My People at Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference

It’s been a whirlwind of a May (always) around here. We spent last week in Washington, DC. Then we came home and I left for one of my favorite events of the year — the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers conference.

This year coming to conference is like coming home. Some of my dearest writer friends are here with me and it is my privilege to represent Splickety Publishing Group on faculty. So while I don’t have 1000 words in me for this space right now, I do have pictures and you know what they say.

With bestselling author and great friend to Splickety, DiAnn Mills.
Hanging with Pepper Basham who helps me understand marketing and writing and mothering all at the same time. She’s a fellow author with Lighthouse Publishing. 
With Hannah Hall (she’s really that cool). We met two years ago at this conference and God has blessed me with her friendship and wisdom. Hannah writes beautiful children’s books.
So many great gals in this pic. On the far right is Bethany Jett who changed my writing life by introducing me to Splickety and in the middle is the sweet and kind Blythe Daniel. If I wrote non-fiction, I’d want her to be my agent.
Debbie and I are in the same online critique group with Word Weavers. She makes me a better writer and always has a smile to offer.