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That Time My Kids Almost Slept Through the National Christmas Tree Lighting

We hit D.C. last week. Yes, again. Sometimes blessings fall at your feet and I’m trying to be good about picking them up. My mom arranged for us to receive tickets the lighting of the National Christmas Tree. The program is nationally broadcast (Hallmark channel this year) and features popular performers as well as a… Continue reading That Time My Kids Almost Slept Through the National Christmas Tree Lighting

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Dear Ones Who Bear Sad Tidings This Year (Five Minute Friday)

It can be hard this time of year to find the joy in the twinkly lights and the broken nativity and the limp garland when all you want to do is hide away in a corner from the well-wishers and the do-gooders and the hope-bringers. It can be hard to be facing a holiday ringed… Continue reading Dear Ones Who Bear Sad Tidings This Year (Five Minute Friday)

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When New Year Comes Anyway

I really didn’t mean to walk away.  My post list is full of unfinished drafts and my journal scratched with ideas for posts that would have been witty or simple or just words used to fill a space that I thought needed me. But sometimes that everyday living needs us more.  After I wrapped production… Continue reading When New Year Comes Anyway

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Happy 4th of July!

What do you mean lactose intolerant people can’t have homemade ice cream on July 4th?!? to my readers: I’ll be returning to regularly scheduled blogging sometime next week.  We’ve been super busy around here enjoying summer, day camp, picnics, and friends.  Hope you’re having a wonderful summer too!

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all the way from…

On Friday afternoon I started finding all these little bites of deliciousness in random places like my car…my dresser…my suitcase…. Inside this festive bag is a sweet note and my favorite cookie from a little bakery in Wellesley, Massachusetts where my aunt lives.  That’s right, he had them imported all the way to Georgia to… Continue reading all the way from…

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A Payne-Full Thanksgiving

The bigger the family gets, the harder it is to celebrate holidays on the day officially set aside for that celebration.  Anybody else have that problem?  Throw in an expectant (any day now) mother thousands of miles away in Utah, a sales-savvy business associate who has parties every weekend, and a couple of high-strung college… Continue reading A Payne-Full Thanksgiving