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Because Hurry is No Posture for Anyone

Unless there’s an emergency. Hurry is allowed then.

I spent last week in the company of great writers at the Florida Christian Writers Conference (you can head over here if you want to know why I go to writers conferences).


Our keynote speaker was Robert Benson who can talk eucharist and Yankee baseball in the same sentence. My only quandary after hearing him speak is which book to read first. I’m leaning toward Living Prayer because a review says Benson “makes the ordinary events of life seem mystical and the mystical seem ordinary.” Which is the consistent cry of my heart and probably why I was moved hearing this man speak about life and art and writing and Jesus.

“Hurry,” he chastised softly one morning, “is no posture for a writer.”


Everyday I get out of bed and stumble over to the preset coffee maker and pour a cup. I nestle into a corner of our couch and I study and pray and journal. Sometimes I blog or read or socialize with others awake in the dim light of dawn.

Then my kids wake up and rush, rush, rush and hurry, hurry, hurry become my mantra. Somewhere between the turning over of the clock from 6:29 to 6:30 my slow easy morning becomes a winded sprint and there’s yelling and fussing and so much stress.

Hurry is no posture for a mother either.

When I hurry–when I push and prod and pull my kids through our morning routine–I set a tone for the rest of our day. I wake them with the notion that we are already behind and we must rush to catch up.

What if instead I woke them with the notion that we have a whole day of discovering God’s goodness upon us? What if I saw the morning as a filter through which the rest of our moments, our comings and goings, sifted through? What if instead of posturing hurry, I postured slow?


Sometimes I let them sleep in until almost seven. I make pancakes or oatmeal and hot tea for little sore throats. I pack up my computer so it’s not taken out until my work day has resumed and I listen when they chatter and I smile when they laugh.

I promise not to yell.

We load the banged-up minivan and we run through the day on the short drive to school without actually having to run.

And the only difference between when we get to school on these days and when we get to school on others is me.


My actions didn’t change. Lunches still got packed. Shoes still got lost and then found. Breakfast dishes were left on the table and the cat might have been left in the house.

But my attitude said slow down. Savor. Sip. Stow away the goodness and the glory in the mess and the broken.

Hurry, my friends, is no posture for anyone.

Slow down. Look around. Catch your breath.

You’ll get there no matter the route you take. But the difference will be in the journey.

Robert Benson with me on the last day of conference.
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Sweetest Moments {top 10}

one week old today~lots of sissy loving~annabelle keeps count of how many times she’s held him~falls asleep anywhere except his cradle at night~big eyes that get bigger when the sissy monsters are around~Uncle Corey will have to teach him to survive a house of girls~holding hands is the sweetest moment until she squeezes too hard~good and perfect gifts from above
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The End of the Beginning

My baby crawled into bed with me today.  The baby whose world is about to be completely different.  The baby who is about to learn how to truly share mommy and share toys and share space and share love.

She woke up from her nap and couldn’t find me.  I heard her pitter-patter feet on the hardwoods and then a moment later she was using her daddy’s side of the quilt to haul herself up beside me, whimpering a bit because she wasn’t quite awake and mommy hadn’t immediately been there.

Almost every afternoon I lift her from her crib turned toddler bed and buckle her into her carseat to fetch her sissies from school.  Almost every afternoon I’m right where she expects me to be.  And today when she finally discovered I was resting, she crawled up beside me, tucked her head under my chin and went back to sleep, all heavy limbs and soft breathing and swirly hair tickling my nose.

I love her so much.

I love her sisters, too, but she was different.  We expected her and anticipated her and savored her, sure she was the very last.

I cried the first time she walked and again when she finally nursed for the last time.  For the past few days (and probably for the few remaining) every time I rock her, I wonder if it’s the last time it’s just the two of us on these sleepy afternoons.

Today I held her close and marveled at how perfectly and wonderfully made she is and thanked God that He has taught me to appreciate these moments.

So I will be ready for the ones to come.

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Inspired by Julia, I’m linking up with Amanda today.  
Well, and I haven’t blogged in a week and my scattery pregnant brain that tried to make coffee
without water this morning is having trouble focusing.
I like linkys that give me a focus.
and a list.  
I like those too.
So, lately I’ve been enjoying many random things…
Like my new cookbook.
I’ve blogged a bit about some of the recipes I’ve made, but let’s just say, it’s been great to use whole wheat flour in pizza dough and waffles and not have my kids or my husband complain.  And we cannot wait for our garden this summer to really use this baby.

On that same note, I’ve really been enjoying this blog lately.  I like the simplicity and the motto and the reminder that living simply can also mean that you eat really well.  Today’s post is on my menu for next week.

The lovely Biltmore Estate
We visited this weekend to take advantage of our passholder appreciation discounts
and to take a behind-the-rooms tour.
Unfortunately, this baby didn’t want to climb six flights of stairs and I had to quit.
Oh, well.  Guess we’ll have to go back.
And I’ll have to post on how to enjoy Biltmore with little ones because my girls love it.

Getting Organized
I’m trying, really I am. I have a list of 32 things I want to get done before my 32nd birthday in February.
So far, I’ve done six of them.  For some reason, though, I keep finding more things to add to the list which seems kind of counter-productive don’t you think?

My Family Notebook

We made these at MOPS this past week and I’m using it.  Really, I am.  and I’m going to.
I just have to remember it’s there.  Today I made a list of the little chores (dishes, laundry) I want
done daily.  And I did them.  Yay, me.  But then I ate lunch and now there are dishes in the sink again.

Family Pizza Night

I started making homemade pizza several months ago and now I’m addicted.
What are your favorite toppings beyond the usual?  I made chicken and spinich last week, sausage and green peppers this week.  Joshua said I should take the picture after I put the cheese on but I thought the peppers were pretty.

Food.  Recipes.  Cookbooks.
I think I might have an obsession.  I have decided to embrace the fact that I’m not crafty.
But I can cook pretty decently and I really like that.
So I think I’m trading in my modpodge
for a spatula that spreads icing.
But will my freezer ever look like this?  Probably not.

(trying to) Live Simply
I made my own laundry detergent.
and I’m not buying napkins until I can get them for (almost) free, so cloth will have to do.
After all, I have a 5-gallon drum of laundry detergent to use.

I wish I was enjoying my laptop.
Joshua bought me a used ibook off craigslist for Christmas.
I can’t get it to connect to our wireless.  It tells me the password is wrong. It’s not.
Apparently we have a WPA and it needs a WEP?
I don’t even know what I’m talking about here.  Help, please.

Planning a Nursery
It’s taken me a while to get used to the idea that soon there will be another one.
and this one isn’t a girl.
We finally agreed on what to do about a nursery and Amelia will be relocating to our office and sharing this larger-ish space with baby brother when he relocates from the pack-n-play in my bedroom.
So we’ve got months to work on this idea.
Thank goodness for Pinterest.

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Sweet Savorings

Savor is my word for 2012.  Taking special notice and joy in the moments of everyday.  And sometimes savoring the bounty we have in our very own home.

In my quest to get the girls to eat more fruit and vegetables this winter (they would subside on a steady diet of cheese and cookies if I let them), I enlisted their help with dinner tonight and found some savory accompaniments via that time-sucking vortex: Pinterest.

First, I made our version of this, which just means I used more eggs and a steamer bag of broccoli.

And Belle who had turned up her nose when I mentioned broccoli quiche gobbled hers up and asked for more.  It’s all about the presentation.  I flipped ours out of the mugs, but Belle kept hers in.  She said it tasted better that way.

We also made these delightful crescents.  Easy enough for the girls to do, and I swapped out the strawberry jam for sliced fresh strawberries and some blueberries we picked this summer and keep in the freezer for such a time as this.

 My picture may not be as pretty, but these were delicious and don’t leave me craving any dessert tonight.