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Still Waters Wins Selah Awards!

My writing career launched in 2014 through the connections I made at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference. So last week, when I was double nominated as a Selah Award finalist for First Novel and a fiction finalist for the Director’s Choice Award, I felt like I’d come full circle. Four years ago I… Continue reading Still Waters Wins Selah Awards!


What Makes Your Story

My first morning on Edisto I poured my coffee and wandered down to the beach that’s almost unrecognizable behind the tower of manmade sand piles standing in for washed away dunes. And I walked right into the sunrise. I sat in that damp sand in my yoga pants with the bleach stain, closed my eyes,… Continue reading What Makes Your Story

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On Camping Despite the Rain

We camped. It rained. Again. I don’t know why I continue to put myself through this. Truthfully, I think I wanted to hide from cell phone service for a couple of days. There’s a gap up in our mountains with a swimming lake and a jumping dock and a two mile radius before phones register… Continue reading On Camping Despite the Rain

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Five Symbols of the South

I’m on my back porch and the air is hovering between heavy humidity and storm-blowing breezes. Either way, rain’s been skirting all around our southern summer all week long. The book has a cover now and if you’re in the know you’ve seen it. If you’re not, what are you waiting for? Sign up for… Continue reading Five Symbols of the South

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I Solemnly Swear I am Up to No Thanksgiving Discussions

Because that would lead to being up to no good, after all. My inbox has filled up today with advice on how to handle potentially volatile family dinner conversations tomorrow, and I’m not sure about your fam, but mine has always tended toward the loud and dramatic, so we already had a “no discussing” rule. We’ve… Continue reading I Solemnly Swear I am Up to No Thanksgiving Discussions


Wildfires and Not To-Do’s

On Monday I tweeted one of my favorite Bible promises. It was part of my daily reading in Dwelling Places and a flagship of my alma mater. “I lift my eyes to the hills/where does my help come from?/My help comes from the Lord, Creator of Heaven and Earth.” Psalm 121 #trust — Lindsey P. Brackett… Continue reading Wildfires and Not To-Do’s

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When Saying No Means Yes

Step on up to the front porch and welcome Kirsten from Sweet Tea & Saving Grace. We’re blog friends and heart sisters because y’all know you’ve heard me say this before — no is a word I need to use more often. Check out Kirsten’s site sometime this week. Her content and heart are sweeter… Continue reading When Saying No Means Yes